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August 27, 2011

Pre Order Bags- High Quality Imported Bags


We only import superb good quality bags to Malaysia!
You'll definitely love it! Trust me!

Check out our passionate shoppers' feedbacks to know how much they are in love with their new babies!

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vls 040

vls 040 夏日韩版帆布单肩包 2011新款甜美淑女麻棉复古女包

vls 040 ll

Code: VLS 040
Color: As shown in the picture
Price: RM44

vls 039 grrrreeen

vls 039 green

vls 039

vls 039 white

vls 039 VIVI着用萝莉镂空刺绣花边铆钉定型女包包580

Code: VLS 039
Color: Green and White
Price: RM45

vls 038 vivian邮差包果冻配色夏日复古包韩版女包包

vls 038 yellow

Code: VLS 038
Color: Yellow
Price: RM43

vls 037 ppink

vls 037

vls 037 yellow 日本VIVI风 简约英伦风最嗲医生邮差包复古女包双肩包600

vls 037 yellow

vls 037 pink

Code: VLS 037
Color: Yellow and Pink
Price: RM46
Description: Two ways bag (Back Pack and Hand Bag)

vls 036 blue base

vls 036 英伦复古学院风撞色马鞍复古斜挎手提包女包包 blue base

Blue Base with Yellow Flap

vls 036 pink base

Code: VLS 036
Color: Blue base+yellow, Pink base+Blue
Price: RM42

vls 035

vls 035 vivian知夏子黄小妖款糖果撞色复古包公事包女包包670

Code: VLS 035
Color: As shown in the picture
Price: RM48

vls 034 green base

vls 034 grren base

Green Base and Orange Flap

vls 034 yellow pink b

vls 034 yellow pink base

Code: VLS 034
Color: Green Base+Orange, Pink base+Yellow
Price: RM43

vls 033 pink

vls 033 pinnk

vls 033 orange

vls 033 orrange

vls 033

vls 033 blue

vls 033 韩版柔和拼色Vintage复古包公事包撞色女包包730

Code: VLS 033
Color: Blue, Orange, Pink
Price: RM45

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