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July 6, 2011

Pre Order Bags- High Quality Imported Bags

Once again, we have updated our site with even more beautiful bags to keep you in style!!!! =D

It takes 2 weeks to arrive to your door step!! Shorter period of waits! So place your order now!!

Pre Order closes at 16 July! Arrives around 28-30 July!!

Enquiries send it them to mylovepassion@hotmail.co.uk

Have a good day!!

vls 014 pinnk

vls 014 pink

vls 014 a

vls 014 blue

Code: VLS 014
Color: Pink and Blue
Price: RM43

vls 015

VLS 015 45 2011韩版拼接斑马包手提斜挎包女包小马包女包

VLS 015 a

Color: Bluish Green
Price: RM55

vls 016 35 甜美风镂空蕾丝边流苏绳蝴蝶结斜跨包单肩斜挎包 女包

VLS 016 green

VLS 016 white

vls 016

Code: VLS 016
Color: Pink, Green and White
Price: RM43

vls 017 browns

vls 017 brown

vls 017 pinks

vls 017 pink 35 特价邮差信封包最爱复古箱式斜挎链条包夏日单肩女包

vls 017 beiges

vls 017 beige

vls 017 black

Code: VLS 017
Color:Pink, Brown, Beige and Black
Price: RM43

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